Cancer Counselling


We at Royal Chemists, have well experienced pharmacists and senior staff to cater to your queries regarding :

  1. 1. Cancer medication.
  2. 2. The best Doctor’s (Physician’s & Surgeon’s) to be consulted for the disease.
  3. 3. Understanding the Chemotherapy Protocol.
  4. 4. Diet required during the treatment.
  5. 5. Patient mental health counselling.
  6. 6. Material and Medication required during the course of treatment.
  7. 7. Understanding the dosage of oral medication if given.
  8. 8. Post – Surgery aides required for the patient.
  9. 9. Knowledge about Chemotherapy Ports and Catheters used to deliver the drugs.
  10. 10. Their advantages over the regular modes of chemotherapy.
  11. 11. Details regarding Chemotherapy day care center’s.
  12. 12. Drugs with their alternative at affordable prices.
  13. 13. Emergencies in case of the condition of the patient.
  14. 14. And many other questions in your mind will be answered.

We are not far away. Just call us and we are there to guide you in our best possible way.

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