About Us

We are a retail outlet serving Thane and the neighbouring cities since inception from the year 1967 i.e. 48 years into service and counting. We hold the distinction of being the oldest Chemists Store in Thane. We started with selling and supplying regular general medicine’s then, to supplying speciality medicines pertaining to cardiac care, diabetic care, cancer care, surgical care, post-operative care, paediatric medicines, geriatric care products, orthopaedic supports, homoeopathic medicines, Ayurveda medicines, general healthcare products, cosmetics, hygiene care products, mother care and baby care products, now.


Royal Chemists was setup in 1967 by Mr. Muljibhai Sachdev ,a pharmacist by profession who single handedly strived hard to built the name and reputation and quality of the store. After him the shop is now managed by his two sons.

Royal Chemists is known not only as being the oldest chemist shop in Thane since 1967, but also had the reputation of providing quality service, wide range of products availability, one to one patient communication, cooperative staff and effective patient counselling.


We thrive to improve our knowledge of the latest available technology in healthcare and make it available to everyone possible. Right from Diabetes checking Machine to B.P. monitor to Pulse Oximeter to Walking Aids to Adult Diapers to Digital Thermometers to I.V. fluid administrating equipment’s, the products are available.

Our Dedicated Team


  • Mr. Krunal Sachdev
  • Mrs. Anuradha Sachdev
  • Miss Pallavi Pednekar

Experienced Staff

  • Mr. Manish Modi
  • Mr. Pravin Waghmare
  • Miss. Vaishali Pingle
  • Miss. Rekha Jadhav

We believe in our motto, We are there for Your Care.